Friday, October 22, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Olivia's class took a field trip to a pumpkin farm. I took the other 2 girls and we took our annual pumpkin patch pictures! They were not so easy this year...

My Little Fisher-Woman

Adam took Olivia fishing and she caught this 1 lb bass on her pole. It broke the pole but it was her catch and she was so proud. She made Adam clean it and bring it home. She has not eaten it yet, but that is her plan!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My dad pointed out that I have not "blogged" in quite some time. I am guilty of several things. The first being that I am busy with my 3 girls. I also got an iPhone and have been on the computer less and less. In addition, there has not been much going on in the Shingleton household. (For this, I am thankful!) The following are some updates on the girls:

Liv is cheering for the Round Rock Dragons this football season. She is good at cheerleading and has won an award the last 2 weeks for cheering the entire game without sitting down or whining. (This award is from her coach, not me!)

She is in her last year of preschool and loving her class and her teacher Ms. Amy.

We are going on her first field trip next week to a pumpkin patch in Marble Falls and she cannot wait!


Amanda is talking up a storm. Some of our favorites are: "I know" and "It's Oh-Kway!"

She is in a play group now with 4 other friends who will attend the same preschool next year. They have fun playing together and I am so glad she is getting to know some children her age.

Amanda is taking a children's music class and loves playing the instruments and singing along to the fun songs. She is very friendly and "talks" to all the other children and their moms!


Hanna is growing so much each day. She loves her bottles and bath time. She is working on her smile and seems to be another "daddy's girl!"

We have been so blessed with these beautiful girls! I plan to do better with my blogging and look forward to sharing more of our adventures via this blog!