Thursday, June 26, 2008

Going Green

Sunday's sermon at church as titled "Going Green." I wasn't sure where the minister was going to go when he began, but Adam and I both agreed it was one of the best sermons we had heard him deliver. I took a page of notes so I could remember and think more about what "Going Green" would mean in my life.

The verse is from the book of Romans, Chapter 6 vs. 1-9.

First the minister talked about how we are taught that things are disposable from our very first days on earth. Example: we use disposable diapers on our babies. From the very beginning, children see us use and throw away. (Though this is a good example, the minister did say that he was not saying that disposable diapers were a bad idea!) This led to a story about Rev. Adkins father-in-law who lives near the coast and is very "resourceful." He loves to dumpster dive near the resorts because of the treasures that others have thrown away as trash. He has found whole coolers, still filled with good food and drinks. He has found expensive fishing rods and reels. He even found a $50.00 bill one time! People buy and use items for their vacations and then trash them rather than have to travel home with them. We look at what things are worth and deem them "not worthy" and throw them away. Do we throw people away too?

Then there was the story of Irwin and Martha. Martha was a committed church member, church go-er and church employee. She attended every service, evaluated every attendance roster, ensured that every new member and every guest was welcomed to the church through a personal phone call. Irwin, her husband, did not attend. When asked why, Irwin said "I don't need God right now. I will come to church when I need him." Martha died unexpectedly. At Martha's funeral, Irwin came to the minister and simply said "I cannot find him!" 2 days later Irwin shot himself. He was hanging his head over the dumpster looking for what he had thrown away and he could not find Him. Irwin was probably not looking closely enough because He was there, but Irwin had thrown Him away so long ago that he was unable to find Him. Irwin thought he was bigger then God's simple words. He got lost.

God doesn't slip out of our pockets when we're hanging our heads over the dumpster. He is there. He is with us.

We throw people away, deem them not worthy. We look at what people can do for us and if the answer is "nothing right now," we tend to let them fall out of our pockets into the "proverbial" dumpster.

What or who have you thrown away lately?

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Attempt at "Cool" Photography

Olivia likes to play in my make-up, jewelry, clothes etc... Last week she tried on my wedding rings. Yes, she has them on the wrong hand, but I had to at least try and snap a picture of her wearing them. She is like her mama...loves the sparkly stuff!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Necessity for Little Girls

My sister sent me this link today and I just had to share. These shoes are adorable. If they came in bigger sizes, Olivia would have a pair in every pattern. Where were these 2 1/2 years ago?

I cannot get the link to work but the site is

The New Sleeping Arrangements

Olivia seems to be okay with the new sleeping arrangements. I lay with her until she falls asleep (usually I fall asleep first and Adam has to wake me up) and then I go to my own bed. I miss Olivia next to me at night, but I am sleeping better and I think that she is too. She seems more refreshed each morning and is not crying about having to go to school. So it seems that all is well.

I had to share this photo because there is one member of our family who is thoroughly enjoying having his place back. Where you see Andy in this photo is where he likes to sleep. Lucky me!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2 for 2 in the BGB

As many of you know, Olivia has been sleeping in bed with Adam and me pretty much since birth. She will be 3 in September and we have decided it is time to "make the move." On Sunday night I took Olivia to her BGB (Big Girl Bed) and we both slept there all night. Yesterday after work, I went to Wal-Mart and purchased:

I figured if she could lay in her BGB and watch Dora that it might make her room more enticing. And guess what?

Score! I laid with her until she fell asleep last night and then she slept all night in her BGB. I am so proud of my little person!

Summer Fun

As I mentioned in my last post, Olivia had to miss a birthday party that she was really looking forward to on Saturday. The party was a "swim" party. Not a pool party, but the parents had rented an inflatable water slide with a pool at the bottom for the kids to play on. Since we felt guilty about not being able to take her to the party, we had our own little swim party on Sunday. Adam blew up some balloons and set up Olivia's inflatable pool in the front yard. Several of our neighbor's kids came out to join Olivia in the pool. As you will see from the pictures, it was fun for all ages.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I had another medical scare this weekend. I woke up on Saturday morning at 5 a.m. with all the symptoms of food poisoning. I will spare you the details, but it was not pretty. By 11 a.m., I was calling my doctor's after hours clinic for advice. They told me to come in immediately for I.V. fluids.

I have been poked and prodded so much lately, that I am becoming immune. An I.V. sounded good at my stage in the game. (You know I must have been sick if I was welcoming a needle!) As it turns out, they gave me a shot of Phenergan (and some suppositories as a party favor) and let me sleep. Once the vomitting (TMI, I know) subsided, I was able to go home.

This morning, I was thinking about the last couple of weeks and all the "inconveniences" my health has caused: I had to use all of my sick time at work, Olivia missed a birthday party that she was really looking forward to, and Adam has really had to step it up on the housework. (There is more but I won't bore you with the details.) I could really be fed up right now, but instead I am ever so grateful. An appendectomy, an alarming picture of the right ovary(thanks to my surgeon for catching that even though it turned out to be just a ruptured cyst) and food poisoning are so minor in comparison to what others are facing right now. Inconveniences? Most certainly. But no more than that.

My point in all of this, I guess, is to say that I am thankful for the cards that I have been dealt. I don't like being sick, but if I am going to be ill, at least it is minor and with things that can be easily treated. Sometimes we let the small stuff cause us big pain, but if we take the time to put things into perspective then they aren't such big problems after all.

Just to be safe, I think I will be shopping at Whole Foods for the next couple of weeks. At least until my tummy starts feeling better.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

This morning I was reading my Max Lucado Inspirational Thoughts for Each Day of the Year devotional book. (Grace for the Moment, Volume II) Today's message really made me think, so I thought that I would share.

The page is titled "God Sees What We Can't."

The verse "No one is like the Lord our God, who rules from heaven." Psalm 113:5

The message:

On a trip to the United Kingdom, our family visited a castle. In the center of the garden sat a maze. Row after row of shoulder-high hedges, leading to one dead end after another. Successfully navigate the labyrinth, and discover the door to a tall tower in the center of the garden.

Were you to look at our family pictures of the trip, you'd see four or five family members standing on top of the tower. Hmmm, someone is still on the ground. Guess who? I was stuck in the foliage. I just couldn't figure out which way to go.

Ah, but then I heard a voice from above, "Hey Dad." I looked up to see Sara, peering through the turret at the top. "You're going the wrong way," she explained. "Back up and turn right."

Do you think I trusted her? I didn't have to.

But do you know what I did? I listened. Her vantage point was better than mine. She was above the maze. She could see what I couldn't.

Don't you think we should do the same with God?

--From Next Door Savior


I think that I liked today's message so much because it seems so simple, yet it's something I always seem to forget. God is watching our every move and trying to guide us to Him. If we just trust Him and listen, He will lead us through the maze of life and to Him for eternity.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My friend Sara and I had chinese for lunch today and I got a fortune that "spoke" to me. I am not a big believer in fortunes and the supernatural stuff, but you never know when God might be trying to tell you something. Maybe the only way He could get me to "hear" Him today was through a cookie?

Conquer your fears. Otherwise, your fears will conquer you.

70's Chic

Olivia insisted on picking out her own clothes this morning. She is becoming so "aware" of what she is wearing and whether or not things match. (I have no idea where she gets this...) Today she picked out an outfit that made me think of my own baby album photos as a 2-year old. The only difference? My album is from the 70's. We are now in the new millenium and my daughter took it back to 1979 this morning. Check out her rock'in rainbow striped shorty shorts and thick athletic socks! I have to admit, though not my favorite outfit, she did look adorable!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bathing Suit Basketball

On Sunday afternoon Olivia saw Jake and Matthew running through the sprinklers in our neighbors yard. She had to join in the fun. She begged me to help her into her swimsuit and off we went. She did a few laps through the water and then joined the boys for a little garage basketball. (You can imagine how excited 2nd grade boys were to have a 2 year-old girl shooting hoops with them! But they were gracious, as always!)

Kari's Wedding

We made a quick trip up to Dallas on Saturday afternoon to attend my friend Kari's wedding. The reception was beautiful and Kari seems so...happy!

Lark, Lauren G, Kari, & Me

Ice Age

On Friday night, Olivia had her boys over to watch Ice Age (for the 25th time). They had popcorn and apple juice and repeated every line of the movie. We have about 15 little boys on our side of the neighborhood. Olivia and our neighbor Haley McAuley are the only 2 girls. So, Olivia is learning to hang with the boys at an early age. She keeps up pretty well.

Olivia and Kaleb

Jake, Olivia, and Matthew

Thursday, June 5, 2008

To Any Girl Who Has Ever Waited for A Boy To Call

My friend Shazz sent this to me today, because she is waiting for a boy to call, and it made me laugh so hard.

**Girls, you will see just a little of yourself, at some point in your dating life, in this article.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Olivia the Party Girl

Our weekend was booked with birthday parties. Olivia had several parties to attend. This was fun for her, but stressful on mommy and daddy. I only have photos from one party. These are from Lacey's 3rd birthday at Kiddie Acres. The kids had so much fun on all of the rides.

When we went to Kathryn's party on Sunday, Olivia said "What rides will they have at Kathryn's party?" I think she expects "rides" now. Good thing there was a pinata full of candy to keep her mind of the the lack of rides at Kathryn's party.

Both parties were a success! We had a great time.