Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Little Amanda is suffering from allergies (I hope!). She is itchy and stuffy and sneezy. It makes me so sad. One day she will be fine and the next she is all congested again. Today is a congested day. She only wants to be held and cries the second I put her down. I am enjoying holding her, but getting nothing done. I just hope that it is allergies and nothing more serious. (I have a call into the doctor.)

If anyone has any tips...let me know. We have the humidifier going and I have been suctioning her nose and using saline drops. Any other ideas for relief are welcomed!

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Amy H said...

I would call your doctor because mine says that babies that young don't have allergies. There are a lot of viruses going around so she could have picked something up. I hope she feels better soon!!