Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Resourceful Little Thing!

Amanda, like her big sister at this age, refuses to eat without a utensil. We took her to eat after my doctor's appointment on Monday and started her off with some Cheerios. As you can imagine, it is pretty hard to eat Cheerios off the table with a fork or a spoon but she figured out a way to eat them without using her hands anyway!

Tip of green crayon goes into the center of the Cheerio

Ensure it's stuck in the "O"

Here it goes...

Yummy! Wax and Cheerios. Good combo!

So proud!!!

*She ate every Cheerio using this method. We tried again later to see if she would do it again and sure enough...it works with yellow crayons at home too!

Speaking of being resourceful...the little girl is talking so much now. She says things that are so "useful" to know!

"Ya-Ya" (Olivia)
"Thank you" (sounds like Tack Q)
"Sorry" (sounds like So Wee)
"Please" (sounds like Pree)
"Cheese" (whenever she sees a camera aimed at her, she says Tease)
"Bo Bo" (all dogs and some cats are Bobo's, the dog we dog sit is nicknamed Bobo so she thinks all dogs are Bobo)

She shakes her head yes and no! She is opinionated and knows what she wants and does not want! (Imagine that!)

Olivia was counting cotton balls the other day and Amanda copied her saying her numbers 1 through 4!

And my favorites....when you ask for a kiss, she comes over and says "MMMM MWAH" and when you ask for "So Sweets," she comes over and gives hugs and then says "Awwww!" I cannot believe how quickly she is growing up.


Elissa said...

Amanda really is one of the happiest and sweetest girls ever!

Stephen said...

This series of Amanda shots is just priceless!