Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

These are not actually our Easter day pictures, but Liv and I dressed Amanda up in some of her Easter attire on Friday and took some photos. More Easter photos to come...

This adorable outfit was a hand-me-down from Reagan, I think? Wherever it came from, it's totally adorable. I could only let her wear it for a photo because I was too worried about it getting spit-up on!

Liv is trying to get Amanda to smile in this picture, but instead it's just "sisterly advice!"

My Aunt Sheila and Uncle Greg sent this adorable bib to Amanda. She also has a bunny rattle attached to her arm. She wore it all day. My little honey bunny!


I was sitting here typing the above post and things got quiet all around me. This is what the rest of my family is doing right now.

I don't know why Adam appears to be choking himself in this picture. He is fine. Snoring and all!


Elissa said...

Yep. That little Easter jumper was from Ron and Donna to Reagan last year. She too only wore it momentarily due to the threat of spit up. If we have a girl next time, maybe I will let her wear it longer since after that we will all likely be done with kiddos.

Myers R Us said...

Adam cracks me up!!