Monday, May 18, 2009

Amanda's Baptism

We had Amanda baptized in Dallas on May 17th. It was extra special because Bill Smith, the minister who visited my mother in the hosptial and did her services, baptized her and mentioned that she was named after my mom. The dress Amanda wore was something that my mom and I picked out in the Baylor hospital gift shop in August. My brother and I pushed her around the hospital in her wheelchair and of course, we had to stop in the gift shop. We saw the dress and talked about how cute it would be if only I knew if I was having a baby boy or girl. The next day Dr. Payne gave me my wish and did a sonogram to tell us that baby Amanda was a girl. So, off I went to buy the dress!!!

Me and My Girls

Me and Amanda

Amanda and Adam

Amanda in her post baptism party attire!

The party table...

Amanda and her godfather, Josh (We didn't get a picture of Amanda and her other godparents, Elissa and Steve. We may have to recreate "a moment!")

Amanda with Gramps and Me

Lauren and Me

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Elissa said...

Well gosh, you would think we weren't even there! J/K Such good godparents we forgot to get our picture with the little blessed lady. Oh well...another time. :-) We had fun. See you soon.