Monday, May 4, 2009


I found my shoes! Okay, so they aren't the EXACT ones I was looking for, but...

I went to DSW to try on pair of the Cole Haan Air pumps to make sure that they were as wonderful as I expected. Guess what? No Cole Haan Airs at DSW. Since Marshall's is right next door, I decided to just make sure that they didn't have any there either. I perused the aisles and there were no Cole Haans. Then I went to the Clearance section and tried on a cute pair of gun metal Tahari's and out of the corner of my eye,

I spotted these...


*No they are not the black peep toed pumps I had my eye on, but neutral works for me!

One pair in the whole store and they were my size! It was destiny! I wore them around the store, just to make sure that they were comfy and then I made them my own. I got them for $205.00 OFF the original price. If you know how much these shoes cost, then you know that I got them for a GREAT PRICE! About 75-80% off. I am so excited. I cannot wait to wear my new shoes!

Note: Olivia loves shoes! When she got home, she went into my closet and inspected all of the shoes (as she does almost daily) and immediately noticed the new pair. She insisted on trying them on and wore them around the house. She loved them too!

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Johnson Boys said...

So seriously you paid $100 bucks for a pair of Pumps? Girl payless has them for $19.99 and get the next pair half could have black and neutral. BOGO sista.