Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Check Out My Button

I have a cool new button on my sidebar that you can add to your blog too! I would love your help supporting Shimmer Sister. Just add my button to your blog! For everyone who adds it and leaves me a comment, I will donate $1 to Lily Soo's adoption fund. If you don't have a blog, that's okay! I will donate $1 for your comments if you don't have a blog! It's all for a great cause!

I will do this from today (Tues) through Friday, July 24th! So send this link to your friends too!

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The Shingletons said...

You can give a dollar to Lilly Soo in my name!!! I am constantly helping with adoption fund raisers, so if I can help you donate, AWESOME!
Missing you guys! I'm still planning on getting to Austin eventually. My friends are getting really close to getting their little girl home from Haiti. For some reason it's taking longer on their son. When they get there, we will come to Austin to see all of you! Check out her blog by linking from mine. Ivey Family, or Aaron Ivey is his. Love you guys!