Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Baby Loves Green Beans

I made baby food about a month ago. In the past I have been a Gerber mom all the way, but I have read several articles and blogs about making baby food and it seemed easy. It was. So, I made green beans, carrots, and spinach. As I mentioned in my last post, she had avocado last night and it went fairly well. This morning I have her apple sauce. She made a squinty face at first and then ate about 1/3 of the dish. I thought she would like the applesauce more than she did. To my surprise, this afternoon she at 2 full cubes (I made my food using ice trays) of green beans. She couldn't get enough. She kept opening her mouth and panting for more. It was really cute. I really need to charge my camera battery so I can post some pictures! I will add that one to my list!

***I made the donation to the Lily Soo adoption fund. Thank you to everyone who commented, posted my button on your blog or sent me a note!***

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