Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall Festival

Getting ready to go to the festival...
Mrs. Jenifer and her class
Strawberry Shortcake and Bob the Builder (a.k.a Olivia and Brannon)
Brooklyn, Liv, and Leah
Decorating her treat sack...
SCORE! Bean Bag Toss

Olivia's school had a fall festival for the children last Friday. It was similar to a carnival. The kids went as a class from booth to booth where they played games and won prizes. They had a popcorn ball walk (similar to a cake walk), a duck pond, bean bag toss, dig for prizes, spin art, tatoos, and cookie decorating. The kids had a great time and won lots of "spooktacular" prizes.

I worked the dig for prizes booth. They had a huge box filled with dried pinto beans and prizes and candy were buried inside. The kids took a plastic scoop and got to dig until they uncovered a prize.

I think Olivia liked the bean bag toss the best. She walked up and threw her bag in the slot on the first try. (Each child got 5 chances to make it in, though they all got a prize no matter what!) It was so much fun to meet all of Olivia's classmates and some parents too!

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