Monday, November 16, 2009

My Frugal Finds

There is a Goodwill Store down the street from our house. We pass it everyday and often drop our gently used things off at their drop off station. My mother-in-law has made some great finds at her Goodwill store in Oklahoma including the large Dora castle and all the furniture and characters for $10. So I decided to take the girls and see if there were any treasures. We found the things pictured below. Our total was $11.56. I came home and washed and disinfected everything and then decided to see how much we had actually saved. (Everything was working and in good condition. The rocking horse makes sounds and moves his mouth when you press his ear!)

The rocking horse was $29.99 on Toys R (We paid $4.99)
The bubble bath was $7.99 on (We paid .99) (The bottle was empty. Olivia just liked the Dora and plays with her as she would a doll.)
The maracas were $14.99 on Little (We paid 2.99)
The shower invitations still had the $11.50 original price tag on them. (We paid 1.99)
Approx $64.50 before tax and we paid $11.56 with tax for a savings of approximately $53.00.

The kids love the new toys and we didn't break the bank!

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Stephen said...

Nice! Those shopping skills can be deployed in all sorts of creative and helpful ways!