Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Great "Mommy" Moment

Elissa and I took the girls to the park this morning for a walk and then to play in the water park. We walked a couple of trails and then headed over to the water features. I got out Olivia's swimsuit and realized it was actually Amanda's. (That is what I get for buying them matching clothes, right?) So...we made a quick trade. Olivia wore Reagan's 12-18 month swimsuit (booty cheeks hanging out and all) and Reagan wore Amanda's 6-12 month suit. Reagan is so slender that Amanda's suit fit her pretty well. This is just a taste of the many "mommy" moments that I have been having lately. I am beginning to think that I've lost my mind!


Amy H said...

funny!!! Did you go to the Brushy Creek trail?

Elissa said...

Our girls are cute even in too small of bathing suits.