Sunday, August 30, 2009

Olivia-ism's (Again)

Olivia is growing up so quickly. She will be 4 next week and there's something new with her every day! (Usually it's something new coming out of her mouth!) Since this is my weblog, I thought I would chronicle some of her "funnies." This is mainly for me to remember, but also some of you may get a laugh or two! (For those of you that follow me on Facebook, sorry... this is a lot of repeats!)

Olivia has been telling us that her panties are in her bottom a lot lately. She is always tugging and pulling and adjusting. Just to be funny, we taught her to say "I have a wedgie!" We explained that people call your underwear in your bottom a "wedgie." The other day we were in the car and everyone was buckled when Olivia started yelling "Stop, don't back out!" I slam the car into park and ask her what is wrong. Her response, "Unbuckle me! Quick! I have a wedgie!" At that moment, Amanda bursts out into baby giggles and cannot stop laughing. That made me laugh and of course, I got out and unbuckled her so she could *ahem* adjust.

On Friday, we were at Chick-Fil-A ordering lunch. I ordered Liv her kids meal with chocolate milk. As she heard me say "chocolate" milk, she piped up and said "Excuse me sir, actually I will have white milk, please." He looked at me and said, "Uh, how old is she?" I said, "She is almost 4." He said, "She just said actually." I know! I know!

Last night I took a shower and got ready for bed fairly early. I put on a t-shirt and pajama pants since I was still going to be up and walking around the house. When we got ready to get in bed for the night, I decided to just sleep in my t-shirt rather than changing into a night shirt. I took off the pants (because I cannot sleep with anything on my legs) and Olivia points at me and says, "Daddy, mommy is wearing her granny shorts again!" (Yes, I was wearing granny panties and she completely called me out!)

***For me, I had to add that when Olivia "squeeze's" something, she does not squeeze it. She "squeaks it!"(I cannot correct her because it is WAY too cute!)***

Adam always says, "Oh my gosh, she is a little Lauren!" I say, "She is me, only better!" And she is.

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