Thursday, March 26, 2009

BYE BYE Michael and Yummy Recipes

So, just as I, and all of America, suspected, Michael Sarver went home tonight on Idol. The truth is, he is not a bad singer. He just isn't as good as some of the other guys. Oh well! At least he gets to go home to his 2 adorable kids and will probably make some money on the tour!


Now, about the recipes...

I have tried 2 recipes from Kelly's Recipe Blog (Kelly's Korner) in the last week: The Swiss Chicken and The Poppyseed Chicken.

Oh My Goodness...(in Kelly's cute southern accent!)

The swiss chicken is really good. I served it with cranberry sauce and green beans. Delish!

The poppyseed chicken (which I have never had before last night, even though Kelly says it's a common dish) is the best ever! Adam says that it's his new favorite food. We had it for dinner last night and Olivia and I had it for lunch today. I still don't know how to insert links...(Amy, can you help me?) but the website is listed below. I highly recommend both. Now I have to try the artichoke chicken she posted this week!

Happy Eating!


Amy H said...

yes! I would love to help. I'll call you tomorrow.

Myers R Us said...

I think I made that for y'all one time shortly after the birth of one of the girls! That casserole is so good with bacon-wrapped green beans...MMM!