Monday, March 30, 2009

Little People, Big Adventure

Since my trip to Dallas last month with the girls was such a success, I decided to take on another challenge. I drove from Austin to Dallas today (3 hours) with the girls. We will be here for 4 days and then we are headed to Prue, Oklahoma to visit Adam's mom, sister, and grandparents. The drive from Dallas to Prue will be about 5 to 5 1/2 hours (total time) then on Monday, I will be driving the whole 8 to 9 hours home. I just may be CRAZY!
Tomorrow night, my sister and I will be going to the Britney Spears concert in Dallas. I cannot wait to see Brit's comeback! I will definitely give you all a report on Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

Ahh, Britney. This photo is amazing of her. It must be pre-Federline, pre-children, pre-meltdown, pre-bald head! I'll bet the show was amazing -- I've heard it's great!