Monday, March 9, 2009

Little Angels

Our friends, The Rossi's, came over last night. They have a little girl who is close to Olivia's age and a baby boy. The girls love to play together but both have similar personalities. Bossy! We never have to wonder what Liv and Julianna are doing because if they are not playing right in front of us, then we can hear them bossing each other around in the other room. Last night the girls took off to Olivia's room and after a while we noticed that it was really quiet. Adam jumped up and said, "It is too quiet. They are into something." He ran to check on them and what he found was NOT what he expected.

Olivia was sitting on her bed and Julianna was on the floor. Olivia had a book in her hand and was "reading" it to Jules. Adam said, "What are you doing?" Olivia held up the book so Adam could see it and said, "I am *reading to Julianna from The Bible." And she was! In this case, the quiet was not trouble at all, but our little angels were reading the good book! Priceless!

*Olivia does not know how to read. She looks at the pages and tries to remember what we have read to her! I am working on the reading, but we have to get the letters down first! :)

And speaking of little angels, on Saturday Olivia and her friend Shelby were playing dress up at our house. All of the neighborhood boys were outside playing and riding bikes when our doorbell started ringing. Adam went to the door and 2 of the boys (second graders) were there and wanted to know what the girls were doing. Adam told the boys that the girls were playing and to leave them alone. (I might have been nicer, but Adam is a tad protective.) Next thing we know, the door is being quietly opened and the boys are peeking in. Then the girls came out in their princess dresses and before I knew it...there were 10 boys from age 2 to age 8 in my backyard playing and being bossed by Olivia and Shelby. (Yes, we let them in. I can watch them better in my backyard. They are contained!) Most of the boys were in first or second grade. I told Adam that we are in serious trouble. Olivia is not interested (well, maybe a little!), but the boys are already knocking on our door and she is only 3! This prompted Adam to start polishing his shot guns! (Wink! Wink!)


Johnson Boys said...

My kiddo says "Livvie" in his it is starting early. He loves that kiddo but I mean after all she is too dern cute. we may be in-laws someday (wink)

Stephen said...

As you know, I firmly believe that a roaring chainsaw is more effective in scaring off boys than even a shotgun . . . .