Friday, January 16, 2009

An Admission...

I have been really nervous about the upcoming birth of Amanda. Not because I am worried about having 2 children or because I don't feel equipped to care for her, but I guess because I am so used to all of the bad stuff that it's hard to accept the good. I got her nursery ready but have not put together the cradle (for our room), opened the monitors, gotten out the stroller or opened any of the bottles, outfits, pacifiers, toys, sheets, blankets, etc...for fear that somehow I will "jinx" myself. Adam suggested we assemble the cradle and stroller this weekend as well as test out the video baby monitor (yes I am THAT crazy) and install the car seat. Reluctantly I have agreed. Again, I am not reluctant because I don't want her, but quite the opposite. I want her so badly that it seems too good to be real.

At my doctor's appointment today, she reminded me that next week would be my last visit. I will fill out all of my paperwork and do all of my initial blood work next week. 3 days later, I go in for surgery. It almost seemed real! I decided that I better start getting myself ready...really ready.

Until today, I had 4 bottles for baby A. Only 4! I also had about 4 pacifiers and if you have a baby that uses pacifiers or "bops" as we call know that 4 can last no more than a day or two without getting lost. We had some diapers because of the lovely diaper shower my sister gave me, but I figured more is always better than less and of course, formula. So...I took a leap and went to Babies R Us. I stocked up on:

I guess what I am saying is that I let myself get excited. And in saying that, I ask for your prayers for Amanda. I ask that you pray that she be born healthy and that their are no complications. I would appreciate it and I know baby A will too!


On another note, I can't remember if I've mentioned that Andy (our cat) has been biting me for the last 9 months. He doesn't bite anyone else, but when it comes to me...he is like a vampire. Today he has tried to bite me 2 times for no reason. Last night he drew blood from my ankle. I am starting to think that he is from Pet Cemetery or maybe he just belongs there! (Oops! That wasn't nice of me to say!)


One last request...I read a blog regularly called Jenna's Journey. (I still can't add links for some reason or I would link it here!) Jenna was induced on Monday and had a beautiful baby boy. He has pulmonary hypertension and has been in 3 hospitals now. She is trying to recover from a c-section after only 24 hours in the hospital and is traveling all over Arkansas to be with her son. Please pray for her, her family, and her son, Brayden. You can visit her blog from the links on my blog to read the whole story.


The cat is now in the entry way of our house howling. It almost sounds like a baby crying or voices of some sort. I really don't know what his problem is. What a jerk!


Amy H said...

I am so glad that you are getting excited now! Everything is going to be just fine and she is going to be perfect and healthy and beautiful! I can't wait to get the phone call.

Also--we would like to bring you dinner the night before your c-section or the night before you go to the hospital if that is ok with you. Please let me know and we will chat about what you would like to eat. Also, we can plan a playdate with Avery and Livvie while you are recovering so you have some time to heal if you would like.

Amy H said...

I didn't realize that you read Kelly's Korner. I guess I didn't pay close enough attention to your sidebar. I was hoping that you didn't read it...especially after seeing your link to Jenna's Journey (a blog I haven't read until you called it out). I just can't believe what is going on with Harper. I have been following that blog for a long time and I am just amazed at how things went so terribly wrong.

I don't want you to let these two instances worry you. Amanda has an amazing guardian Angel in heaven and you know that your mom isn't going to let anything happen to your precious little girl.

Elissa said...

I totally agree with Amy. There is absolutely NO REASON for you to think that what happened with Brayden or Harper is going to happen to you. Mom is taking care of Amanda, and she will guide her here to live with us as soon as it is time. I cannot wait to be there for you. I was devestated when I missed Olivia's birth, so please just call me ASAP if you even have the tiniest thought that something is going on and you are going to have her early!

Johnson Boys said...

Aww Lauren, I hate you read that blog. I have followed it forever too and just love her my heart aches for her and her family.You have to know god does everything for a reason. Kelly is one strong girl and has alot of faith they are going to make it thru just fine. As well as you and baby A. they say what you fear the most you create so start watching Dirty Dancing and put the computer down and hopefully Adam will start looking like Patrick. :0)
Hang in there and as hard as it is quit reading all the bad blogs us pregos get to thinking to much right near the end..if you need ANYTHING I am next door I can come over and hang out go shopping I prolly need all the same things you had to go pick up, too shopping always does a mommy good.
Love you guys

The Shingletons said...

I am so excited for you! It is going to be great! I can't wait to see pictures! I am praying for you to have a peace that passes all understanding. I am praying for your doctor's wisdom, and for your quick and complete recovery after a perfectly healthy delivery of a precious and healthy baby girl (of course Jared was a girl after 2 ultrasounds??).
I think a cute little puppy would be much nicer. Maybe it won't draw blood. Okay, I'm biased because I'm allergic to cats!
Love you!