Monday, January 19, 2009

Fishing with Daddy

Adam took Olivia fishing yesterday. She got a Dora fishing pole for Christmas from her Uncle Brian and she couldn't wait to test it out. Unfortunately the fish were not cooperating, but she did get a lesson in putting a worm on the hook. (She told me it was okay because the worms don't have eyes!) She also had to learn a lesson about nature calling when you are out enjoying nature. I am glad that her daddy was there to handle that one!

Today we went to Shady Grove for lunch since Adam had the day off for MLK day. Olivia went from fisherwoman to diva! She looked so cute in her pink tinted "shades" and her purse that Uncle Brian got her in New York City!

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The Shingletons said...

Oops! I just realized that my background is the same as yours!! I hadn't even seen yours I promise! I guess if we have similar tastes in men, we should have in backgrounds too :)