Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Nesting...

I went out and ran some errands this morning that have led to more nesting and projects. Olivia got a wooden doll house for Christmas and we finally put it together last night. I decided that it was the perfect project for Olivia and me to work on. I went out and got tiles so we could tile the bathroom floor and some additions for the outside of the house. Once we get to work on it and it starts looking good (if it starts looking good!)...I will post some pictures.

I did, however, work on a wreath for St. Patrick's Day. We are not Irish. I just enjoy decorating for all of the holidays. Here is a picture of my wreath project:


I am sitting here watching the news about the US Airways plane that landed on the Hudson River. I think that pilot did an awesome job. They are reporting that all passengers and crew were safely rescued. What an awesome result to what could have been a horrible tragedy.

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