Monday, January 26, 2009

V-Day Decor, The Cake, and Tomorrow

I got a "wild hair" on Friday and decided that I needed to decorate my house for Valentine's Day. Since I have been posting all of my decorations lately, I figured I would post V-day too!

As I mentioned in my last post, Elissa got here early. She has been very helpful in fixing meals, cleaning, and taking care of Olivia. On Friday night, she decided to bake a cake. She reminded us that she was not a "baker" before she even began. The process seemed to be going well and the cake smelled delicious. As she got down to the icing, we heard her sigh. She had forgotten to ice the center of the cake before stacking them. No biggie...the cake was slanted but it would still taste great! Then she realized how unstable the cake really was...

This photo was taken before we cut the cake. The cake was delicious, but we got a huge kick out of our little "Betty Crocker!"
Tomorrow is our big day. Amanda Grace should be in my arms by this time tomorrow. I am nervous and just ask for your prayers. I am praying for a healthy baby and a problem free surgery. I am sure that we will have updates and photos tomorrow.

Elissa wrote a really nice blog about Amanda and me last night. You can read it on her blog. It is on my sidebar. The Lindseys.

Happy Monday!

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